We aim to continue resolving historical legacy issues and reduce the environmental footprint of our production process.

We know that over 100 years of zinc production at the Hobart site has impacted on the local environment. By using innovative and proven scientific processes we are addressing the issues of past operations and creating a cleaner business for a sustainable future.

Our key environmental issues generally reflect the long site history and ongoing changes in regulatory standards. They relate to the remediation of historical soil and groundwater contamination, by-product and waste management, and reducing emissions to the air and the Derwent estuary.

Our environmental reporting

The cornerstone of our environmental activities is driven by the Nyrstar Environmental Policy Statement. This global document was developed in Hobart with representatives from all Nyrstar sites and is used to measure our environmental performance.

A more-detailed presentation, summary and analysis of data collected at the Hobart site is reported in the Nyrstar Hobart Public Environment Report, which is prepared every three years. This report is an opportunity to examine the environmental performance of the Hobart site against our commitments and to monitor our progress particularly in the areas of air, water, land and the local community.

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