Neighbour Charter

Our commitment to our neighbours

We think being a good neighbour is an important part of our operation and we will keep the lines of communication open and flowing so that you know what our operation is all about and what actions we take to ensure that we prevent harm – to our people, our community and the environment.

Here at the Nyrstar Hobart zinc works, we are proud to be a member of the Hobart community and we are committed to maintaining an open, constructive and beneficial relationship with you, our neighbours.

What can you expect from us?

We will ensure that we maintain active, timely and relevant communication with you by:

  • Informing neighbours regularly about site operations and developments,
  • Consulting with neighbours and responding appropriately to issues of concern,
  • Providing transparent and timely communication to notify neighbours about aspects of our operation that may impact them or in the event of an incident.

We encourage you to communicate directly with us to obtain information, discuss concerns and work to resolve issues. Our Community Relations, Safety and Environment teams are happy to respond to any queries, explain our programs or discuss with you any concerns you may have.  Click here to email a query or contact us on:

p: 03 6278 4444
m: GPO Box 377, HOBART 7001.

How will we keep you informed?

This website is an up to date resource for information about our operation. We encourage our community to use the site and to provide feedback on whether or not the site has provided the information you want.

Our neighbours are also encouraged to register to receive important information in the event of an incident via email through our Neighbour Direct service. Visit the Neighbour Direct page for more information.

Community meetings
Twice a year, Nyrstar Zinc Works holds a community meeting for interested neighbours to come and hear about the operation and to ask questions. Local residents receive a direct invitation and the meetings are also advertised in the public notices section of The Mercury.

The outcomes of the meeting are published in the Nyr to You regular newsletter following the meeting.

If you don’t currently receive a direct invitation to our community meetings and would like to, please click here to be added to our distribution list.

Nyrstar Hobart produces a quarterly newsletter for neighbours called Nyr To You. It gives you the latest up to date information about our activities.

If you don’t currently receive Nyr To You and would like to, please click here to be added to our distribution list.

View the latest edition online

Information Bulletin
If there is an aspect of our operation we think may impact you, we’ll send you an information bulletin with all the details of what will or is happening, how long we expect it to continue, any actions we recommend you take and how to contact us if you have any questions.

Should you receive an information bulletin we encourage you to read them carefully and discuss the contents with all other members of your household.

Direct request
We’re happy to answer your questions and should you have a specific query, or would like one of our team to present to your community organisation on a specific topic, please contact us.

What we will we do in the event of an emergency?


Safety is our number one priority.

As our neighbours, we want to keep you safe and informed about our operations. Although the safeguards we have in place ensure that the likelihood of a major incident is extremely remote, we must be prepared for such an event.

Like several other businesses nearby, our site has recently been classified as a Major Hazard Facility.

The purpose of this classification is to protect people, property and the environment from harm from dangerous substances by ensuring these substances are handled safely and the facilities that handle them, like Nyrstar Zinc Works, operate safely.

In the event of an emergency, personnel from the Police or the Fire Service will provide you with any information you need or action you need to take immediately. Please follow all instructions given.

There may be occasions when an incident has occurred that require us to communicate with you quickly but are not of such a severity as to require the Police or Fire Service to contact you.

Keeping you up to date and informed are part of our commitment to you, especially in the event of an incident.

We will do that in several ways. Firstly, we will contact ABC Radio and advise them of the incident and any actions our neighbours should consider. We also encourage our neighbours to register on Neighbour Direct.


Neighbour Direct

Neighbour Direct is a notification and information service to you, our neighbours.

People that reside in the immediate area – such as Lutana, Goodwood, East Risdon and the parts of Lindisfarne and Moonah closest to Nyrstar are encouraged to register to receive information by text or email in the event of an incident.

This will allow us to provide you with up to the minute information on the nature of the incident, any action you should consider, and when the incident has ended.

This is an additional safeguard we offer to our neighbours to ensure that you have the right information at the right time.

Once registered you will only be contacted using this service in the event of an incident or to keep our records up to date.

Register here for the Neighbour Direct service

Subscribers to Neighbour Direct can unsubscribe to the service at any time by calling 03 6278 4444 or by completing a contact form.

How will we look after the environment?

Nyrstar Zinc Works Hobart is committed to reducing the environmental footprint associated with 95 years of zinc production at the site.  By using innovative and sound science we are addressing the legacy issues of past operations and creating a cleaner business for a sustainable future.

The Nyrstar Environmental Policy Statement forms the cornerstone of our site’s environmental activities and outlines our commitment to preventing harm to the environment and our community. To achieve this, we will;

  • Minimise the environmental impact of our operations by applying leading practice, innovation and sound science.
  • Continually improve our performance through the identification and management of environmental risks and establishment of measurable objectives and targets.
  • Comply with legal obligations as a minimum and meet the requirements of our voluntary agreements.
  • Provide material stewardship through efficient and responsible use of resources, minimizing waste and expanding recycling options.
  • Recognize the environmental impact from past operations and address legacy issues.
  • Develop a culture of environmental ownership through integration of business goals and by increased awareness, skills and competency of our people.
  • Engage with our stakeholders, understand and respond to their expectations and effectively communicate our environmental performance.

Find out more about our environmental activites and programs.

How we will contribute to our community?

Being part of the community is about more than doing business in it. We take our social responsibility to our community seriously and we actively participate in our community in many ways.

Nyrstar understands that a little support can go a long way, so twice a year, we offer individual grants of up to $3000 to help our community. Whether it’s a project, event, initiative or something else, if it supports sustainable community development, we encourage members of our community to apply.

Nyrstar Zinc Works also supports events, awards and initiatives through sponsorship. We believe that by contributing to the things that are important and add value to our community we assist our community to be more connected and engaged.

Donations are another way that Nyrstar contributes to the community. We support organisations that have the ability to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of our community members or that can benefit the environment either globally or locally.

Find out more about our community grants.

In addition to these important activities we also work with our community through partnership, such as with The Derwent Estuary Program and through participation and membership of local community and business groups.


Contacting us

Please click here to contact us or:

P: 03 6278 4444

M: GPO Box 377, HOBART 3001


Please click here to register for Neighbour Direct:

Neighbour Direct

Neighbour Direct

A notification and information service to you, our neighbours.