Contractors & Nyrstar

Nyrstar Hobart engages a wide variety of contractors to provide an extensive array of services to our site. Without these contractors, Nyrstar’s day to day operation would not be possible.


Nyrstar Hobart Smelter’s (NHS) Procedure is that all Contractors working at NHS must be pre-qualified to carry out work on the Site.  This Procedure ensures that Contractors working at Nyrstar are able to meet necessary Safety, Health, Environment, Regulatory and Insurance requirements.

The activity of Pre-qualified Contractors will be monitored and measured and the retention of pre-qualification is dependent on the Contractor maintaining an agreed, acceptable level of performance, compliance to site and regulatory requirements.

Available on the ‘Forms’ link on the left of this page is a copy of the Nyrstar’s Site Work Conditions (SC1) policy and its related documents. These provide a current or potential contractor with all of the information including the obligations required to conduct work at Nyrstar Hobart.

Nyrstar will always instigate the process for pre-qualification once a need for a particular contractor to access the site is established.

For further information regarding pre-qualification, please contact the Contracts Team via (03) 6278 4444.